Marco Boer (1973) lives in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, an ancient town that is found in the western Netherlands. It is located on the island of IJsselmonde, and borders with Zwijndrecht, Ridderkerk, and the Noord River. Marco has been creating watercolours since 1997, and has never ceased experimenting with this beautiful but technically difficult medium.

Marco is a self-taught artist, who has developed his work with a preference for an abstract visualisation. Using limited tints and colour palette, he has subsequently developed inner values of his subject matter. Suggestion, perhaps a glimmer, but omitting the clear and whole visual is his creative work, delivering visuals that make you wonder somewhat what you are viewing, allowing for imagination. His inspiration comes from the historical architecture that surrounds him, the expanses of water, and his love of classical music. “The note you do not play often sounds the most beautiful”. Saying more with fewer words leaves the viewer with more to imagine, and it is encouraged when viewing Marco Boer’s paintings. He creates overtones on tonalisation. While his watercolours are complicated they appear simple in the delivery of the visual, but the question remains how did he create this?

His work is exhibited nationally and internationally, individually, and as a group of other well-known artists. His work has received awards and recognition in the Netherlands and overseas, and is permanently displayed publically in the outdoor spaces of the municipalities of Zwijndrecht and Hendrik-ido-Ambacht.

Marco Boer is a master member of the International Watercolor Society Globe (IWS) and IWS Holland. He accepts commissions on behalf of individuals and international corporations.